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Well we all know when it comes to comic book or video game movies, it is very difficult to nail everything to please the fans. Us as fans, yes be can be difficult but we also want a movie that is true to the source (comic or video game) and something that we are proud to say we paid our hard earned money on a ticket to see that movie. I can handle plot twist, because hell comics do have alternate universes and such but when it comes to the look and feel of a character, that is when I get dicey. Marvel, I was not mad at Thanos. He was purple, his demeanor worked and he gave off that larger than life feel. Then we have this....
Does this give you an "creator of all mutants" "all powerful" feel? I know my man apocalypse can change form and things of that nature but come on! First off, I swear apocalypse was blue and at least 7 feet tall when he does show up. How do you feel about this look and feel?
I can't unsee the ivan ooze comparison now
Lmao, sorry @vinmccarthy
This is a little odd. I had pictured something different, I wonder if the change has to do with the style of the adaptation? Like, the one we're both imagining wouldn't have fit on the screen?