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Even Pastors Are Preaching About Meek Mill vs Drake
The Meek Mill vs. Drake beef started on twitter, has transitioned into the airwaves and now has worked it’s way to the pulpit.

That’s right, pastors are meshing rap beef into the weekly sermon.

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Last week a twitter user named user @airplaySMOKE caught the pastor at his church using the high-profile beef to relay a biblical story on camera and posted it for the world to see.

“See the beef between an Israelite.. Drake, and a hebrew, Meek Mill” said the pastor mid-sermon.


I can only imagine how awkward it must have been to hear your pastor transition from soul saving to rap beef in the same sentence.

Hopefully the young people at the church appreciated the pastor’s effort to connect. If not, this was just an off moment across the board for everyone in the building.
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