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so I was watching BTS mvs yesterday for like the millionth time when my 5 yr old niece plops down on my lap and asks me who I was watching. (she likes watching kpop mvs and kdramas with me) #kpopperintraining after I told her BTS she asked me to name the members and point them out to her. This is part of the conversation that followed niece: who's that? me: jungkookie oppa niece: kookie?? me: yes niece: like a kookie? me: yes through out the mv...... niece: where's kookie!!!! me: *points him out* right there. niece: *reaches for the computer screen* I want to eat kookie me: .......what???? niece: I want kookie. he's yummy like a cookie! me:.......... niece: *reaches for suga* I need suga too!
"yummy kookie"
suga too
I busted out laughing
OMO!that's too cute!!!!
She's got good taste!
lol that was cute i want to eat kookie with her
Lmao! that's adorable!!!