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I love fashion, and I love TV. So why not combine them with fashion TV shows? Here are my favorite fashion TV shows. Yes, I geek out to all of these.

Project Runway

It's the America's Next Top Model of the fashion design world. Project Runway premiered in 2004 and has been running ever since. The show is currently on its 14th season. The best part about Project Runway is that you get to see all the designs actually being made before they get to the runway. You see the craziness that goes into the magic that is fashion design. The wacky challenges, like making clothes out of candy wrappers or out of drug store items, are always interesting.

House of DVF

Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion design icon, and she wants to share her power of fashion with aspiring stylists and fashionistas. The show is a competition among women for a coveted job with the DVF fashion team. The show's second season will premiere in September. For more information on this show, check out this card by @gavriella.

The Rachel Zoe Project

Although it's no longer on the air, this show was perfect for fan-girling over one of the most popular stylists, Rachel Zoe. It premiered in 2008 and the final episode aired in 2013. Not only could viewers glimpse the exciting fashion life of Rachel Zoe, but we also got to peer into her personal life.

It's a Brad, Brad World

This show, which is unfortunately also not on the air anymore, was a sort-of spin-off of The Rachel Zoe Project. The show followed the life and career of Brad Goreski, who was Rachel Zoe's former style director. He broke off from Rachel Zoe to pursue styling on his own. Viewers were able to see Brad interacting with celebrities and jetting off to fashion shows in Milan and in New York.

America's Next Top Model

This list wouldn't be complete without America's Next Top Model. Although the earlier seasons were much better than the later ones (they are now on Cycle 22!), you can't beat the competition and the drama and all of the fashion. Anyone want to bet how long this show will continue?

You want to be on top?

@LauraFisher OMG well I know what I'm doing tonight
Haha @LauraFisher me too! I watched a couple episodes of the guys vs girls and I just couldn't really get into it. But writing this card made me want to go back and watch all of the earlier seasons haha
Did you watch the Guys v Girls seasons or the US v Brits? I kind of quit ANTM around season 15 hahaha I can't believe it's still going on...
I know @JordanNash I'm like 99% sure they're all on Hulu.... :)
I'm surprise Project Runway is still on. love the show