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I've been thinking about love lately. I've been thinking about love, and I'm always thinking about video games. So I find myself thinking about a marriage between these two thoughts, and how better to represent that love than with these, engagement rings that are inspired by all things video games?
Maybe you've logged hundreds of hours together playing Bloodborne. Maybe you shared a coffee and debated what franchise was better: Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank? Either way, this custom Playstation-themed ring from will accurately represent your love.
So maybe Xbox is more your relationship vibe. That's fine! Because here's another beautiful ring that will harken you back to the endless matches of Halo played between you and your beloved. Made custom by the talented Brittany Foster.
Why catch em' all when you've got the best one already? After talking at length about your childhood playing Pokemon, your partner will lose their mind when you present them with this marvelous Pokeball-inspired ring. Available from Art & Gems Jewelers.
The cake might be a lie, but your love is true. Start thinking outside the box and start thinking with Portal with this companion cube inspired ring. Just hope that they won't drop it into an incinerator when she gets it! Available from
The triangle is the strongest shape in all of geometry. Unable to be broken from the outside, the equilateral triangle resists all outside pressures. This beautifully nerdy Triforce ring from Earth Art Gem & Jewelry will represent the three most important tenents of your marriage: Power, Courage, and Wisdom.
@marshalledgar I don't know about marriage. im too young for that yet. but if I ever do, that'll be a yes and a yes! and that's a great card! goes to show that nerd culture is now fashionable
we need more men in the weddings community @VinMcCarthy, so you are welcome to join us anytime
What a fascinating card @VinMcCarthy! Is there marriage in your future? And if so, are you planning a FUN gaming reception? If so, can I come? Another Vingler shared wedding engagement rings that were inspired by Sci-Fi, which you can see here.