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The Martian's viral marketing campaign started with Matt Damon introducing his crew (and cast, essentially) and 20th Century Fox just released the second viral video in their campaign which involves the crew undergoing interviews by a NASA psychologist after spending ten days in isolation.
Even though we only get to spend a couple of seconds with each character, the viral video achieves its goal in rounding out these characters outside the run-time of the full feature.
I'm not normally interested in viral marketing campaigns for movies I know I'm going to see but this one really changed my mind. It feels like a supplemental addition to the world of The Martian, it adds depth to the characters we're going to see in the movie and it also sets up the audience for what might happen in the film.
And after watching the video, it's obvious that they put a lot of time and effort into the time spent with each crew member. Proof of that fact can be seen in how each character gets their own overlay even though it only appears for a couple of seconds.
Each of the little dossiers that appear on screen for the characters share a little more about the character without having to spell it out for you. While, yes, Matt Damon is confused about Aquaman and his control over whales, we also learn that he's a botanist from Chicago.
And, yeah Jessica Chastain is really intense, well, wait. That's actually something worth talking about. She has one of the best moments in the video after she's asked if she feels any pressure as the first woman commanding a mission to Mars. Her silence is great and the way she relates it to her time in a submarine really gives us a sense of how her character is a no-nonsense type of person.
After seeing this video, I'll definitely be on the look out for future viral videos they decide to put out.
The Martian comes out on October 2nd, 2015
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I really love the marketing for this movie! It doesn't feel like an ad, it feels more like a small vignette.