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Hey guys!

A lot of you told me your favorite members and favorite pairs in Running Man before.
Now it's time for a quiz to find out which Running Man member will be your partner!
(Make sure to note down the numbers of you answers) ^_^

Which animal do you most relate with?

1. Cat
2. Shark
3. Llama
4. Alligator
5. Squirrel
6. Koala
7. Sloth

Which of these drinks would you like to have right now?

1. Lemonade
2. Ice Tea
3. Coca Cola
4. Cold Water
5. Fruit Juice
6. Milk Shake
7. Coffee

Which of these Running Man games would you like to play?

1. Hide and Seek (with bells)
2. Name Tag Elimination
3. Numbers game
4. Ddakji
5. Food Relay
6. Karaoke
7. Superpower

What of these Running Man themes do you like the most?

1. Spy
2. Overseas
3. Sports
4. Survival
5. K-drama
6. Idol
7. College

Which of these male guests would you pick for your team?

1. Choi Siwon
2. Lee Jong Suk
3. Choi Minho
4. Kim Woo Bin
5. G-Dragon
6. Chansung
7. Taecyeon

Which of these female guests would you pick for your team?

1. Krystal
2. Dara
3. Eunji
4. Suzy
5. Sulli
6. IU
7. Park Bom

Choose one of these male idol groups.

1. Super Junior
2. 2PM
3. Big Bang
4. Beast
5. Seventeen
6. EXO
7. Infinite

Choose one of these female idol groups.

1. F(x)
2. 2NE1
4. A Pink
5. Sistar
6. After School
7. Miss A

Mostly 1s: Lee Kwang Soo

Have fun winning missions with this Betraying Giraffe and expect to get on the mean side of Kim Jong Kook. LOL

Mostly 2s: Song Ji Hyo

Make sure you are on your toes because you never know when Mongji will go blank or fall asleep.

Mostly 3s: Yoo Jae Suk

Whether or not you win your missions, you will have a great time laughing alongside the funny grasshopper.

Mostly 4s: Kim Jong Kook

There is a 90% chance of you winning just by having the Commander as your partner. Have fun not worrying about anything. Hahaha.

Mostly 5s: Haha

Did you ever want to play with Pororo? Well, your dreams will come true with Haroro. Make sure to get on the good side of Tiger Kook for any help.

Mostly 6s: Gary

You will be entertained by Gary regardless of how the missions go. If you are a girl, you might face the wrath of Song Ji Hyo. #MondayCouple4Life

Mostly 7s: Ji Suk Jin

Uhm...good luck. LOL

Numbers were all over the place: Song Joong Ki

For those lucky quiz-takers who didn't have a majority of one number, you get the one and only adorable flower boy, Joong Ki as your partner.
Be sure to check out the Running Man Community.
So, who is your Running Man partner? Are you happy about running with them? XD