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The past few years have been chock full of zombie apocalyptical movies, books, TV Shows, and plans on who could survive if the world did actually become over run by zombies.
But did you know there is a way you could find out?
Introducing the Zombie Race, a 5k or 15k obstacle course including everything from muddy rivers, fire, barbed wire and of course the constant threat of being chased by zombies!
This Race has been sweeping the nation and getting adults and children alike pumped to get out, workout and run for their lives! Full of normal obstacles and not some normal undead, runners have red flags attached to them for the zombies to tear off. If you lose all of your flag you can still finish the race, the zombies are just the winners and they eat your brains. But if you make it across the finish line with at least 1 flag you are a survivalist!
Don't worry, zombies, recent undead and zombie survivalist will all be welcome to enjoy the Apocalypse Party after the race that will have food, music and of course...BEER!
Check out this awesome video of the Zombie Race in Texas and search for the next one closest to you at the zombie race office website here!
Honestly though, nothing would make me run faster then having a zombie chase after me! I doubt I would even feel tired until I (hopefully) made it to safety.
So I'm signing up, are you?
@buddyesd Hahahaha! True.
@buddyesd Lol that sounds like a plan. Always have someone slower than you XD
Would definitely try. What about you @shannonl5 @buddyesd
Haha omg. I feel like I"m more likely to BE a zombie rather than RUN from one lol
I've seen this advertise on several social media sites! I would definitely participate even though it looks absolutely terrifying haha
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