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Marrow are about to release their debut full-length album. It's called The Gold Standard, and it's going to be really, really good.

Marrow may have a familiar sound, if you know the music of Kids These Days at all. It's because when Kids These Days split up in 2013, some of the members got together to form a new group.
Vic Mensa went on to his own career. Nico Segal, the trumpet player, did, too. The remaining four formed Marrow.
In 2013, after the split of Kids These Days, they released two songs, linked above in one video. They're good - the influences of Kids These Days is pretty clear. In fact, it sounds a lot like a Kids These Days song minus the rapping and trumpet... because... that's what it is, basically.
Fast forward two years, and Marrow are ready for a full release. It's coming September 4th of this year.
Spin just named them as an Artist to Watch in August, and for good reason. There's only one single from the record - "Paulson," linked above - but if it's any indication of the quality of the whole project, we're in for a treat.
Spin likened them to The Districts - and you know how much I love The Districts - so it immediately caught my eye. I like the comparison - it's on the softer side compared to The Districts, but it's definitely there. I also hear some Sleater-Kinney in there, which is a nice thing to hear.
I'm definitely looking forward to the full release come September. It's going in my calendar, for sure.
shoutout to Vic Mensa though! they're pretty cool.
veryyyyyyy cooool! ill have to check out their full album when it comes out!
@shannonl5 nice ear! definitely could see that too.
I really like their sound! I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a movie soundtrack next year
Plus they all clearly have great taste in socks @jeff4122