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It's quite obvious that the 90s were one of the best decades when it came to pretty much everything -- including beauty.

The 90s allowed us to be colorful and express ourselves through both beauty and fashion. It's crazy how history has a way of repeating itself. A lot of the trends your favorite girl bands were rockin' back in 1995, you can definitely spot people in 2015 doing the same.
Although some trends have resurfaced and reminded us how amazing those ten years filled of glitter, Lisa Frank and Bonne Bell really were -- there are still a few beauty trends that never quite stuck around and because of that it's only right to pay homage. These five beauty trends from the 90s will definitely make you miss how easy and breezy life was back then.

Butterfly Clips

You either had the mini plastic ones or the metal ones with the moving glitter wings. If you didn't have butterfly clips, you simply weren't doing it right.

Baby Hair

Whether you had any or created your own, you weren't poppin' unless you had your 'baby hair' gel'd down real good. Thank Chilli from TLC for putting us on to this trend.

Lip Smackers

Talk about the the old school version lip gloss. When chapstick used to take you far. Reapplying every five minutes was a must.

Crimped Hair

Crimping your hair in the 90s was like flat ironing your hair today -- everyone was doing it.

Flower Nail Designs

Remember basic nail designs? Before the jewels and foil became the newest trend. A simple flower used to be the hottest design on the streets, whether you were getting a manicure or pedicure -- especially if you got a rhinestone in the middle of the flower.

Okay, so maybe we wouldn't wear half of these trends anymore -- but we can all agree that they surely do bring back great memories.

Ah that picture of Kate Moss in the main photo. Love it! These trends were so fun. @Gavriella I had like a thousand of those things!!
I felt the same exact way! lol I think every kid did. I loved the wings so much, except when they got stuck in my hair @missophiestik
Those butterflies clips got me thinking that I'll fly along while the butterflies are flipping their wings as a kid.
I literally had them all. you're in NYC! you're never too old to bring a trend back, haha @Gavriella I say we bring it back. and doesn't she look amazing! they all day @TessStevens
Seriously miss those butterfly clips! I wonder how old is too old to bring them back...