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If you're a VIP and you still haven't seen the mvs for let's not fall in love and zutter then you are either really out of the loop, busy, or you woke up really late like me. I'll upload the videos just in case you haven't seen them.
Now that you've seen them music videos tell me your thoughts on them. I LOVED let's not fall in love the video was super cute and I really wish that I could trade places with all of the girls in the video. btw does anyone know the names of the girls that were in the video? Zutter gave me life and satisfied my gtop craving. The peeing part though. I can't believe that this is the last installment of the series. It makes me sad because BB were the first group that I really got into but at the same time I'm glad it's over because the long awaited ikon debut can finally happen. I'm so conflicted about how I should feel about this... Anyways...I have a bonus video for you guys. I couldn't find it on YouTube but I found the Zutter dance practice on naver. Top's dancing is definitely on point. he's even better than the dancers.
Hopefully this works...