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Today On Family Feud: Words That Start With The Letter "T"

I love Family Feud. It’s one of those shows that never get old to me.

One of the details that make the show go is that the detailed questions asked demand a quick response. Some contestants handle the moments of pressure with ease.
Many crumble of the pressure of the time restraints.
Every episode we are blessed with an odd answer from a member of the show.
Today I heard an answer from a contestant that nearly knocked me out of my seat.

Batten down the hatches my fellow Vinglers, this ones a doozy.
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
Setting: Eric is in the midst of the "Fast Money" segment of the show. 20 seconds to answer five questions.
Steve: during a workday, how many times do you go to the bathroom?
Eric: Four
Steve: Name something you throw out when you get married?
Eric: datebook
Steve: Tell us a body part that begins with the letter "T."
Me screaming at the screen: Tongue.. Uhhh.. Toes!!"
Eric: Titties
Me: -_______-
Uhhhhh… what?
Eric immediately began to clap as the final answer was relinquished. Oddly enough, his teams cheered him on as well.

In the background you even hear one of his bros scream out "It's true Steve, it's true!"

Steve, couldn't believe the answer. Neither could I.
Eric, you are KILLING me!!

Bro.. what you are thinking of are breasts, my man. Breasts.

While I love the creativity and use of lingo, in the real world, "Titties" are not a body part.

This is not how you win 20,000 in cash on Family Feud.

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