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The Greatest Cartoon of All Time: Invader Zim, Now in Comic Form!

Oh, Nickelodeon of old.

This was a children's network that was comfortable in pushing the envelope, if just a little bit. With shows like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, the execs at Nickelodeon were comfortable with shows that could enrapture kids as well as their parents. There were jokes for everyone.
In the early 2000s, specifically 2001 and 2002, Nickelodeon contiued on with their trend of delicate envelope pushing and shows that entertain kids and parents alike. They did this via the show Invader Zim, brainchild of the beautifully dark and twisted Jhonen Vasquez.
Vasquez's comic book Squee! had done very well and so with that success, Nickelodeon approached him with thoughts for an animated series. That series became Invader Zim, and the alien invasion branch of science fiction was forever changed for the better.
However, it seems that many people did not share this enthusiasm for the show, and so Nickelodeon canned the whole thing in 2002, citing reasons like a lack of interest and high budget requirements for the production.
A damn shame, really.
The show had everything! Absurd sci-fi, grotesque characters, robot fights, planet-sized weapons, and an adorably moronic robot. The episodic format meant that each episode brought its own brand of craziness, and Vasquez would really be able to do some absurd shit with it. It was glorious.
However demoralizing and world-ending the cancelling of the show was, fans of the series remained fans of the series. The show developed into a kind of cult status, and has arguably gotten more popular since its cancellation.
Which brings us to some potentially good news. Invader Zim is now going to be presented in comic book form. Comic book people Oni Press secured the rights from Nickelodeon and have worked with Vasquez to produce Invader Zim comics, the first two issues of which Vasquez personally worked on and guided (including cover artwork).
They were slated for a July 8 release, so they should definitely be in stores by now. Checking out the Oni Press online store didn't seem to turn them up, but they also have a page dedicated exclusively to Zim.
So if you're a fan of the series, or even just a fan of comic books, you should absolutely go check it out!
I was born in 1998, which is funny because I'd never even heard of invader zim till like-- 2008. By then of course it still came on, just rarely. As a kid I was watching mostly Tom and jerry, scooby doo, code name kids next door, etc....but Invader Zim- when I first saw it....just made me fall in love completely! it had dorky jokes, unique characters, amazing fights, and an adorably funny robot. IZ is by far the best in my book and I totally recommend a watch if you've never seen it! C:
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