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Hi again VIPs!
It has been so much fun talking to you guys today at the Vingle Big Bang MV Watch Party!
But there's more important news! Thanks to my friend @paradis for telling me about this awesome find and helping translate the lyrics! ^_^

There's a hidden confession in the "Let's Not Fall In Love" song! (Listen carefully at 2:52)

Did you hear a weird noise in between the narration sequence?

The girl says 넌 항상 그래 (which translates to "You’re always like that.")
Then there is a pause with weird sounds.
Then she says 이기적인 새끼 (which translates to "A selfish bastard.")
A YouTuber did backward masking of the song and this is what you hear!

"Sorry, it's not you, it's me."

There it is VIPs. What do you think of this hidden confession?

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Oh mah God. I think this just helped strengthen my love and RESPECT for BIGBANG. True artists. ~<3
i love that song ... its just .... and when i saw TOP with blond hair again ... i really shouldnt watch it cause i will become all creepy and like permanent smiley face :D but i cant help it and that hidden message ...but hope they dont really mean it with not falling in love
I literally heard it the first time I watched the mv(I'm very observant ok)! I also understood what they said cuz kdramas did things to me XD