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(as inspired by @jordanhamilton) You have not successfully impressed mom but your husband is proud of you and you now have the chance to say "yes! I am an achiever!". You obtained your master's degree, completely paid off your student loan and started your family at the age of forty, and now work along with several agencies, helping people realise their dreams and potential. You have gained the respect you deserve! Everyone said you got pregnant too late, but you didn't listen to the negatives(remember when "they" said you'd get pregnant too early?); you didn't allow those miserable people to stress you out during your pregnancy. And now Ryan junior and Terron are healthy, brilliant two year old twins and keeping you young. You still look 23 and loving, and you owe it all to that wonderful, inspirational, supportive husband of yours who wouldn't allow you to give up on your dream of changing your diet and keep working on that hot bod that he loves so much! You both made it through thick and thin and stuck by each other through the bumps and turbulences. Your steps were small but the "race is not for the swift..." Everything came just in time and you learned to prioritize. You capitalized on your talents-got that certificate in sign language, you established your sign language and singing groups, and you and your husband are now a popular duet. By these talents we have won so many souls for Jesus!! I guess talent was always your main focus. You are now more happy and proud than you've ever been in all your life! all because of those choices you made that no one approved of. You grew past yearning for approvals from those who don't genuinely care and your only focus is now on your new life, which consists of my family (home and church), my career and my talents. But never forget that it was not by my might that bright me here but by the having learned to listen to my wise-beyong-his-years husband and depend on The One Supreme Being! I love you and I'm proud of you! Keep on being strong!
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. You're so wise, Terreca.
Yes! So many awesome things! Stand tall and keep working it out!
Aw, this is great! Awesome letter. :-) And you WILL achieve those things. Continue to work hard. <3
Amazing Terrace! I'm so happy that you decided to go forward and write this. I was smiling the entire time. You've achieved so much! You have every reason to be proud of yourself and you sound like you have an amazing husband. Way to go!
wohooooo! Superwoman! If you can set your mind to it, you can do it! right?!
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