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Earlier today, I was getting lunch with friends when the subject of how often we cry came up.
As women, it's been culturally understood that we're big feelers and that we tend to choke up a lot more than the opposite sex. Some of us totally accept this, while others treat crying like something of a cardinal sin.
I have been a pretty sensitive person for as long as I can remember. And while sometimes this is awesome, other times - yeah, not so much.
If you've faced one or more of these awkward realities, chances are you're probably a little sensitive too.

You cry for other people.

When other people experience great triumphs, you cry happy tears for them. When something horrible happens to them, you cry sad tears for them. This can be very confusing for the people actually involved, especially if they themselves aren't crying about it.

You cry while watching movies, watching TV, and sometimes when reading a book.

You just feel so much for other people, even when they're fictional characters from your favorite movies, TV shows, and novels. You can't help it. You can get very emotionally attached to a good story.

Resisting tears is next to impossible.

Maybe you've developed methods to help you keep from 'feeling so hard', but when the time actually comes, it's hard to keep all those waterworks in. Even when you know how it might look to other people, you can't quite help it!

People don't know how to handle you.

Everything was fine until you saw a puppy that reminded you of the one in 'Marley & Me'. You LOVED 'Marley & Me'. The person walking next to you has NO IDEA what just happened, and now has to play 'What Was It THIS Time?'.

80% of your social network has seen your ugly cry face.

Maybe you've never considered it before, but if you went back and reviewed your Facebook friends list, sorting people into 'Hasn't Seen Me Cry' and 'Has Seen Me Cry', you might find the results a little staggering.

You sometimes find yourself in crying denial.

The only thing that's more awkward than crying in public is denying the fact that you're crying when it's obvious that you are. This includes those crying weirdos that say "I'm fine!" or "It's okay!" when you're not fine and it's not okay.

The moral of the story is: IT'S OKAY TO HAVE FEELINGS!

Being a crybaby (I mean, an overly emotional person) can be useful depending on the situation. You make an extremely compassionate friend, a caring spouse and parent, and - man, just wait until people see how well you can take care of pets!
Feel on, feeler. Just, you know, take a break once in a while.
Graph Credits: Shannon Rosenberg
some people really need to read this. I'm what they call being irrationally over emotional, but they don't know what I'm really feeling
For my senior year in high school I had to write a poem about myself. It was about something that impacted your life...& of course you had to present it to the class. Long story short, I totally lost it lmao Couldn't even get passed half. I still think back about it and cringe >.>
@jiggzy19 lololol
@MattK95 is yes to half of these...I'm no to all of them!!!!! ...I'm a horrible person! T.T
I'm a feeler and I'm proud .I ready away from people who think it's wrong
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