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The beef between Meek Mill & Drake shows no signs of slowing down. During an interview with MTV this weekend, A$AP Rocky shared his thoughts battle. After the dust settled, there was no doubt which side of the fence the Harlem native stands on.
“Watching this was like watching the Super Bowl,” he noted. “I wanna say thank you to Drake and Meek Mill, because that’s good sportsmanship. For real, that shit was fun. I needed that.”
People need a cup of coffee to start their workshift the next day after a long night on the town. People need a shower after a long gym session. I don’t think anyone needed to see Meek Mill get ripped to shreds by Drake.
Even if it was a bit funny *smirk*
At the end of the interview, Rocky delivered words of encouragement to the Philly native.
“I think Meek will be fine. I think he has a fanbase of his own, and I think that at the end of the day, there had to be a loser in the outcome, and it was Meek…If somebody helped Drake, I dunno, that might be considered cheating, but whoever wrote [“Back To Back”]—not saying Drake ain’t write it, I’m quite sure he did—that shit was insane. That shit was incredible, and I wanna thank Drake and Meek Mill for such a good battle.”

In the back of his mind Rocky has to be thinking “Sheesh that one was a doozy, better him than me though.”