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Today in the news...

1. China for the first time in 18 years lost the International Mathematical Olympiad. The United State won the math! They weren’t MEAN about it, they just used they just derived their preferred MODE to gain the upper hand!
2. There’s a company in Sweden that implants employees with microchips in their hands. They’re thinking it scan make the workday more convenient.
3. In Oregon, everyone is registered to vote unless they opt out. Hopefully that booths the number of people that show up on election day!
4. Just announced: a new Pez movie in the works! I’m sure the movie will be an un-dispenser-ble family favorite.
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Omg, that second story is mighty frightening. The only chips I want in my hands are Pringles. Ah ha ha ha.
LOLOLOLOL @dani and some Doritos of course!