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Catch the light with this Tumblr-inspired golden mirror project. The faceted-designed mirror is an illusion because it's actually FLAT! With a little paint and some straight lines you can create this too with any mirror at your disposal.

Supplies Needed:

contact paper
1/4" wide tape
X-Acto knife
gold spray paint
clear spray paint

Step 1: Line It

Cover the whole front of your mirror with contact paper. Using a straight edge or ruler, apply the 1/4" tape in straight lines across the mirror. Create any faceted effect or look you desire.

Step 2: Peel It

Using an X-Acto knife, gently trace the outer edges of all the 1/4" tape. Peel up ONLY the 1/4" tape and contact paper that is attached. The only part of the mirror that should be exposed are the faceted lines that you peeled up.

Step 3: Spray It

Once the lines have been pulled spray two even coats of metal paint to the mirror. Once this has dried, spray it with clear sealant to protect the paint.

Step 4: Finish It

After the sealant has dried, carefully peel away the contact paper.
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