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Here's a cute and very easy tutorial on how to make a simple statement necklace. I keep seeing these at Target and I keep thinking, I can make it myself! Well, now we can all make them!


bead-stringing wire
wire cutters
needle-nose pliers
bead crimper
crimping beads
jewelry findings (closures and hoops to finish off your necklaces).
First, use your bead-stringing wire to make as many strings of beads as you like. I did three, but you can start with just one for a single-strand necklace.
Next, use the crimping beads to attach the ends of the three wires to one jump ring on each end. Don't over complicate this--just loop the wire back through two beads (as you see above), and then use your crimping pliers to crimp the beads, flattening them until they permanently hold the two wires together. After, use the wire cutters to trim off any excess wire. Repeat that with the end of every wire until all ends are attached to jump rings.
Last, attach chains and closures to your beaded wire using needle-nose pliers. Be sure to measure and make sure your necklace is the length you prefer.
I am loving this project (and this chic's lip color)! Let me know what you think of this project. If you're into jewelry design and have some cool ideas, please let me know that too. Click here for more projects that will make you smile!