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This was so painful馃槩...I love this show so much馃槏
I Remember you / Hello Monster If you have just watched the last few minutes of I remember you ,you would have noticed it was quite intense considering everything slowly being revealed. so I just wanted to post this to say that I cried with joyful pain that happened in this episode because almost everything that I hoped to happen ,happened . How did this episode hit you guys ?
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D.O IS AMAZING ON THIS . if you should watch him on it's ok ,it's love if you haven't yet. He's so good
I watched It's Okay, It's Love just because he was on it. He's such a cutie, so adorable. My daughter says he's the kind you just wanna hold hands with and kiss on the cheek. lol she's funny
awe 馃槉 that's so cute ,I agree he made me cry I just wanted to comfort him .After watching him as a psychopath though I feel like I'm the one who needs to be comforted
I agree he has the potential to be in the same position as kim soo hyun in the acting world