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Hey Kpop amigos! I made up a new game as promised. This was fun for me. It does take some time, so it was a great creative way to pass time. I don't know if you ever played MASH before...but this is a variation of that game. Okay in the corner or somewhere on ur paper write My Future and the letters MASC. This stands for mansion, apartment, shack, and castle. The begin making the catagories GUYS, MY JOB, MY TRANSPORTATION, SEX LIFE, WEDDING, & KIDS. You can pick how many people, places, or things you what under each catagory. TRY TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE BAD THING YOU WOULD NOT WANT FOR EACH CATAGORY. FOR EXAMPLE FOR TRANSPORTATION I PUT BUS. WHO WANTS TO RIDE A BUS LOL? After, you finish your list them pick a random number. Then you begin to count off each thing that you have to cross it off. For example for guys I could have GD, Inuyasha, Goku. I picked 3 as a random number that means I would cross off Goku. So every third item on my list I would count off until I'm left with one item in each category. Then take some photos of your results. That's the fun part! DON'T CHEAT LOL Once finished share your results. I nominate @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi @nokita @poojas @stevieq Tag me in ur results DISCLAIMER THIS GAME IS FOR FUN!! NOT FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE
I would marry GD. I was so happy I got this. I got him without cheating lol.
I would be a writer for my career. Most likely I would write an array of journals......kpop news...etc. I love this picture has some rum on the side lol.
My transportation would be a private jet. So I guess if I needed to run to the store I would ride in my old private jet lol ✈
My sex life would be like 30 Shades of Grey....very kinky and awesome combined.
Our wedding would be in Tokyo, Japan.
We would have twins. I couldn't find any photos of cute balasian twins, so I just used the photos of two random cute babies. I think if GD and I had twins they would be super cute. Idk if they would look like this since I myself is mixed with black, mexican, and semoan. I'm mostly black though....
We would live in a castle lol. I thought that was funny!
omg! I literally played this game 2 weeks ago with my sisters! :O
@amobigbang, bahahahaha thanks :-) xD
Lol @ErinGregory I thought I tagged you oops lol
Awe~ my childhood! :) Will do
LOL this is so cute! I remember playing MASH waaaay back in the day! Someone else would pick the "bad" stuff for you, so it was always something terrible hahahahahaha
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