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A LOT has happened today. For VIPs especially!
To end the day on a calm note, I decided to make this card dedicated to TOP's hair. Because why not? The blonde hair is back and it is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
This is the last time I will tag you all today. (Yes, I said today lol). Because this comeback will have me fangirling for days, maybe months.
(If you don't want to be tagged, just shoot me a message) ^_^
In the meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful gifs of TOP's blonde hair.

Hair game too strong.

Hair ready to party.

Someone save the hair! And TOP too, of course.

Hair in the sun.

Hair with attitude.

Hair that will make you fall in love.

Hair that NO one will reject. LOL

Hair that will steal your heart.

Hair with some moves.

Hope you enjoyed this TOP hair appreciation card!

Again, sorry for so many tags today, there's only so much I can do when my Ultimate Bias does all of this in 1 day. XD
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@ErinGregory Your niece knows her stuff! LOL I would too, who wouldn't? (Except for the girl in the video who pushed him away hahahaha)
He looks sooooo good! ♡♡♡
@poojas, right hahahahaha my sister is going to kill me if I get her daughter into kpop.. She's already mad that her daughter asks to watch doctor who and that she likes anime.. all because of me. Lmao
@ErinGregory Those are all great things to be into, so don't worry too much! :)