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Have you guys seen the translated lyrics, im not going to lie the rap slays all.
I like all the metaphors in the lyrics. Personally i like the lyrics when they talk about themselves, give themselves abit of a praise, or even when they get SASSY!!
Some of my favorite verses:
"Wanna be successful? Yes I’m the manual"
"I’ll shit on all the boring raps without consideration Don’t need to suck up my name value or my label value Cuz I get applause even when I take a shit (guess I’m famous)"
"T.O.P, people call me a ghost Da Vinci has come back to life"
(basically stating he's a true artist and everything he does is a work of art)
If you havent heard the song make sure to watch it :D
Tell me what some of your favorite verses are :)
"Wanna be successful..." Is mine.
@magicbananas @ErinGregory The annotations on the bottom help. Thanks for sharing the link @AkiraCondry
I did see some of the annotations at the bottom. They help explain the "strange" lines. Thank you for tagging me!😃