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A scenario of the song if you by Big Bang. Picture is from Google. Hope you enjoy it!! Any BB member's POV So now you're leaving my side and I can't do anything to make you stay. Love is saying goodbye and just like a fool I just stood there blankly, watching you walk away. I'm watching you walk away, you're getting farther and farther away from here. Will this go away as time passes by? But I will always remember you. If it is not too late. Can we try this thing again one day? If you, if you're struggling like I am. I can make it easier, yes I can. Doesn't this hurt you at all? I bet you're glad that we're done. I'm the only one that still can't let go and can't move on. When the rain falls, I look around and think of all our memories. Our memories I hid them away. And think about all that we've been through. Why didn't I know earlier about the pain that comes with breaking up? How much it hurts to live without your love. Can we try this thing again one day if it is not too late? I can make it easier. We could start all over. If You.