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So! You are probably intrigued by the title, yes? Well guess what! I decided to do a UNIQ versión of the dating Game. I decided these fine gentlemen need to be recognized.
This is inspired by @B1A4BTS5ever BTS Dating Game &
@lianakimura GOT7 Dating Game.
So we now come to the most hated part: The stinking rules! Fun fun. But remember: Pick only one door. If the mysterious bachelor isn't the one you want, please don't switch: I will try and still make this a fantastic date for you, regardless. I pinky promise. Also, be patient. So without further ado Let's Get Started.
Ack they are adorable. I'm pretty JELLY THAT I CAN'T PARTICIPATE.
So: Step right Up and Pick a door. (I'm amused by the smallest details, so some doors have intricate designs).
Door I.
Door II.
Door III.
Door IV.
Door V.
Alrighty Vinglers, Unicorn, and Kpoppers. Let's see which Angel you end up with. For extra, I'll leave Eoeo up for you to jam to. Disclaimer: *I don't own the GIFS, Pics Or Video*
❤ Leave a comment on which door you choose.
door 1 i hope i get sungjoo DX
@AimeeH hahaha really i thought it didnt send the first time hahah :P
@B1A4BTS5ever XD I saw you commented again and was like "mhm that sneaky fox is trying to change their choice" then I noticed it was the same *facepalm*
I'll pic door...3
I really love these boys i really couldn't pick one so i pick the leader because he is so manly and i love his voice. :3
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