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This has got to be the best birthday/Christmas present ever! (I also got a double sided poster from the same movie theater.)
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omg ahah please tell me you have a photo! xp I can't talk much either... mother forced me sitting on Santas lap with my sister when I was around 15! xp in the middle of the mal... the shame...
@BPF1916 I don't have a picture, it must be somewhere with my dads family, it was a cousins thing. Since everyone else is 6+ years younger than me, they thought it would be cute.
@Taijiotter I would punch them ahah and probably when they were all a sleep draw little moustaches on their face and take a picture! "you think this is cute to?" xp
@BPF1916 I would've been perfectly content standing behind Santa lol. Don't put a teenager on his lap.
exactly! but when you think "Santas lap is for little kids"... Still Soooooo Crepy !!