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An appreciation post wont hurt anyone but this M/V sure will. It will down you in feels well at least it did that to me anyway.
Today August 4 marks the completion of Big Bang's MADE album. With the last two tracks being "Lets Not Fall In Love" (the m/v is displayed above) and "Zutter"
(which you can find by click this link:
I hope you guys enjoyed this song and between ZUTTER and Lets Not Fall In Love which is your favorite?
Make sure if youre new to Big Bang to check out some of their other work because you might like it and become a VIP.
And to my VIP's out there tell me your thoughts on the completed MADE album :)
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I am in love with MADE. I will be pre-ordering the album as soon as I can. I can't really say which songs I loved the best because they were all good in their own right. But I would have to say Loser, Sober, Let's not fall in love and Zutter have a special place in my heart <3