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My friend just showed me Big Bang's new release for album "E" of their M.A.D.E. series. After listening to "Let's Not Fall in Love" I was IN LOVE with the song and their hair. The song sounds like an end of summer love anthem - bitter & sweet. And the hairstyle, in my opinion, it is probably the best hairstyle they had. It's fresh, youthful and vibrant. I looked back in their older photos and it almost looks like they're aging backwards. Is that even possible? I was able to find gifs to show each of their new do.
TOP's blonde hair features a choppy front and the sides are slightly buzzed. He looks extremely spiffy in this hair.
Taeyang's hair in the beginning of the video features a orangey caramel color shaggy hair. When he appeared on screen again his hair became wet and shaggy. It's kind of resemble the refreshing post-workout hairstyle.
Daesung's curly shag reminds me of Gordo from Lizzie Mcguire. The boy-like hairstyle suits him very well since he has baby face and the innocent vibe.
GD's hair totally scream the 90s. The long hair and vibrant color reminds me of the earlier KPOP days, notably H.O.T. Kangta's hairstyle (I've been doing a little research on KPOP, since it's my new interest ;) ).
Finally, we have Seungri's athletic hair that's full of energy. If he ever went to my high school I can see him as the popular guy from the basketball team. He's got the charisma.
If you haven't seen the music video. view it below! WARNING: It's pretty addicting. I've replayed it more than 10 times...and still listening.
I have to say tge made album is awesome. Every single song Is awesome
I watched the MV when i got home lastnight... And I bought the album! I mean i was gonna buy it anyway. I WANTED TO PUSH THE GIRL THAT GD WAS WITH AND I CANT BELIEVE THE GIRL THAT TOP WAS WITH DIDNT TAKE THE ADVANTAGE ON THE KISS!!! I almost died when she smacked him sillily! I yelled at the screen... "ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY DIDNT YOU JUMP AT THE CHANCE!!!" And then i just dreamed that girl was me!!!! #ILOVETOPANDGD #ILOVEBIGBANG!!! #KPOPROCKS!!! Ohhhh IM A GONER!!! KPOP HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE !!!!
@daisyzheng02 agreed ;D
Thank you for the post
@dreemer13 lol you should film a reaction video. @MooshieBay you're welcome! ;)
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