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Rap Monster ft. Mandy Ventrice - Fantastic 4 MV (English subs)
I completely love love
this songgggg
he is sooo on FIRE nd I love it
This song needs to be the soundtrack for the movie
because its sooo good
I am soo happy he got this opportunity
and this song is totally DAEBAKKK
Have u guys seen this MV yet ?
I just wanna share with you all because I think its totally awesome
while you all check it out I am going to replay
all credit to its actual owner lovekpopsub16 on youtube thankyou so much for English lyrics

Yeah I did see it and I love it so freaking much! Thanks for the tag ^^ <3
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I love this song soooo much ^^ unfortunately I don't think it will be on the soundtrack for the English version of the movie :/ just like Born to Fight by UNIQ didn't make it onto the soundtrack for Teenage Mutant a inks Turtles :(
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This is sooo sick!!! love it! The chorus grates on my nerves a little tho.
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That's an awful chorus. Other than that it's decent. So the song is only playing in the Korean release or in the movie itself?
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