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I had a few friends tell me that they "could never do what I'm doing" as much as they'd love to get out and see more of nature.
Well. Friends. You know who you are. And you know I'm writing this just for you. Remember that trip you have planned to Colorado? Well. I found some nature sites you can see!!

North Clear Creek Falls

This one is really, really not a hike. You park in the lot and them boom! Waterfall. Easy enough, right? Just find this guy between Lake City and Creede on State Highway 149! No more complaints about not being able to see pretty sites!

Treasure Falls

This ones on U.S. Highway 160--stop at the Treasure Falls pull off! The falls themselves are at the western base of Wolf Creek Pass, and tons of people like to stop and see these. It's easy to see some beautiful sites if you just take a few extra minutes a day!!! You can walk to the base of the falls on a really easy trail, or, just look at them from the parking lot.

Fish Creek Falls

This one is impressive, at 280 m tall!! There's a parking fee, but if you'll be near Steamboat springs then getting there is nothing--the falls themselves are just a fee minutes from downtown! You just walk a gravel path about 1/4-mile to the lower falls. Learn more!

Soldier Canyon Falls, Lory State Park

This one costs money so I'll forgive you if you don't go (but it's not much!) And you can't see the waterfall from the parking area, but it's only a 0.1 mile (!!! that's it!!) walk to the falls. Not even a hike, its just a walk.

Helen Hunt Falls

This one's right out of Colorado Springs so it's perfect for you guys! No excuses!
You can see the falls at the parking area, then, walk a realllllly short walk to see them up close! A trail will take you above the falls and then go less than half a mile to see another waterfall. Seriously guys, just try it.

Rifle Falls, Rifle Falls State Park

This is a rare triple waterfall and it's not a far walk, so if you're going to be anywhere near Rifle then I suggest you go. It's a short walk on a simple (ADA) trail. You can do it! There is a small admission fee (its a state park) but it's worth it.
SO!! No more complaining to me--take a few minutes and do literally zero real hiking and get to see some sites just as spectacular as what I've showed you. Getting into nature doesn't mean you have to learn to be an avid hiker, ok?
Exactly @JohnYoung! Spring is the best for rafting down rivers too of all the runoff!
I LOVE Colorado hikes! I used to live really close to Lory State Park so I’ve I can testify that the walk to Soldier Canyon Falls is super chill and easy!
@nicolejb I have been to a few. In the spring/summer there are a ton of waterfalls with the snow melting.
Nice list! would make for a great trip.
@nicolejb sweet!! someone to confirm that its easy hah. my friends have no excuse not to go now
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