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Conan can get it.

The Deadpool trailer is going to be airing tonight on Conan at 11 pm. I'm not a big talk show fan personally, but this is definitely making me want to stay up and watch!
It seems like a lot of people have had some doubts about the upcoming movie, concerned that filmmakers will be too cautious to be true to the violent, vulgar, and all-around ridiculous character. Has the marketing campaign changed anyone's mind?

We're only a few hours away!

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@TerrecaRiley ahhh fair enough I forget all the time too XD
2 years ago·Reply
*behind... sigh. stupid auto correct!
2 years ago·Reply
I can't wait for Deadpool and this isn't even usually my genre. I feel like something about the Deadpool character and the sense of humor of the fandom that surrounds him makes me really excited. Deadpool is like the troll of Marvel.
2 years ago·Reply
Can't wait for this movie to watch this movie!! (2016, can u arrive faster?!)
2 years ago·Reply
@TerrecaRiley lol it's ok I got you :) @danidee YEAH! Deadpool is 100% trolling the rest of the Marvel universe. He spends a lot of the comics making commentary about how he's a comic book character and he's super self aware. It's great. And yeah I'm a fan of the fandom too :) @MichaelHamdan AGREED. There's so much good stuff coming out next year and like three more things I'm excited about for this year, I just want to be able to time-travel
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