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Braids are very versatile because you can pair them up with any fashion and any event. Just tell me one it does not. There are plenty of braid styles and it's a matter of learning them. I'm still experimenting with new techniques so I can go beyond the normal fishtail, braided crown and 3-strand braid. Along the learning process I learned a few things that I want to share with all of you. Hopefully, it'll be handy!
1. Hair should be slightly damp about 80% dry before braiding. If you braid in wet hair it can create breakage and it will also have a hard time drying.
2. For heatless waves, Braid French or Dutch to get a natural looking result from root to end.
3. For those of you with fine hair, thicken up your tresses before braiding. This way you hair won't appear flat.
4. Rub some cream on your fingers before braiding for a sleek finish. Don't apply directly onto your hair because it will feel sticky.
5. Best braids come from second day hair.
6. If you're starting to learn how to braid, try to avoid the mirror because it reverses everything. It can get confusing if you are not familiar with a braid.
7. Make your own braid spray! This is my favorite way to prep before braiding and it'll give beautiful texture and waves once you release your hair.
Direction: Mix hot water, 1 tsbp conditioner and a bit of texture spray in a bottle. Shake it well and mist onto damp hair and braid.

Now that you learned a few tips or two...braid away!

tip 6 is so true lately I watch a video once then I try to just feel around and complete style while watching something else.
Love this!
@esha oh hey! you're back! I haven seen you around in a long time. And glad this was helpful!