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I was tagged by @ErinGregory to do this class room seating chart challange which was created by @amobigbang.
The students in this class have grouped themselves into different tables based on their personalities. The fun table has the class clowns, the smart ass table has the know it all geniuses, the swag table has the too-cool-for-everything crowd, and girl power is self explanatory. I get the corner seat b/c I get a clear view of everyone in the room :))
This is where I brain stormed and did my "work." It was harder than I expected.
This is the original challange
@PassTheSuga @RochelleDiamond @AsianInvasion97 @KatieWarren @shjej5833 Would like to see you guys do this. Sorry if you have already been tagged
@ErinGregory Wow you like a lot of the stuff I do. I think I'm up to ep 50 ish on Fairy Tail
@lamroamrot, I'm a Superwholock!!!! ♥♥♥ I also love HP, Avengers, Death Note, Artemis Fowl.. I haven't gotten very far in Nauto cause I'm trying to finish Fairy Tail before I get really into another super long anime lmao I'm so close, I'm on episode 150 I think. And I love all of the kpop groups. Your list was awesome! ♥♥
@ninachan As a Naruto fan, I couldn't not have Kakashi as a teacher:) @ErinGregory I put a TA in so I could fit in more people lol. A fellow Sherlocian <3
Grouping people together was so clever!! This was great xD and I love that there's a teachers assistant!! And ask of the fandoms xD I love Sherlock 💜
i was also going to put Kakashi sense as my teacher
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