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I recently received an email from a close friend. She was asking for some advice to fix her split ends.

A little background info of her current hair:

Hair type: Fine and dry
Face shape: Oval
Color: Blonde
Length: a little past the chest
Condition: Her split ends are moving up her hair shaft. This was caused by heating tools such as curling iron and blow dryer.
My advice is once you reached the cumulative stage of split end you have to chop it off. There's not other way to do it otherwise it will further damage the hair shaft. I recommend getting either a bob or pixie cut. It's a bold move for her but she can pull it off with her oval face shape.
Below are the styles I've shown her and I think she's leaning towards the shaggy bob. All of the ones I suggested are low-maintenance.

Soft Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is blunt, straight and soft. It's not the typical pixie cut where the bangs are choppy and manly. The long bang with texture ends and various layers adds a feminine touch to the entire look.

Layered Pixie Cut

Unlike the previous pixie cut, this hairstyle is cut short through the back and sides. The jagged cut layer on the top bring in extra texture. Also, the overall hairstyle frame the jaw-line beautifully. Notice the sides are than the soft pixie cut.

Short Textured Bob

This hairstyle is meant to fake the volume fine hair lacks. The jagged layers and cut that hit the neck can be slightly lifted by tousling. Also, the longer layer in the front can enhance the oval face shape. The bangs can bring focus to the eyes.

Straight Short Bob

This polished-looking hairstyle is modern, sleek and cool. Notice the ends are jagged cut not blunt cut. That little detail is extremely important to achieve this look. Also, the bangs should be wispy not straight.

Shaggy Bob

This hairstyle is fashionable, trendy and smashing. The layers are less intense compare to the short texture bob. The purpose is to create natural volume.

Blunt Bob

If you're looking for a simple and clean hairstyle that contours the jawline and enhance the shape of the hair, go for a blunt cut. It should hit the neck and the texture should be wispy.