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Do yourself a favor... wear the brown pants.

For those of you who watched the leaked trailer, you won't be disappointed. For the rest of you, who either waited for the official release or missed the leak... you also won't be disappointed. This trailer is 100% Deadpool. It's got metahumor ("don't make the supersuit green... or animated!"), foul language and crass jokes, and plenty of harsh criticism of Deadpool's face. Personally I think it looks like a moldy peach and a hairless cat hated each other very much, but the stork dropped something off anyway.

This trailer is so epic, you probably need to watch it again. And again.

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@Queen35love hey! I saw your card about the trailer and we've been talking a lot about it here. Do you think Colossus is going to be a major part of it?
he mit be. because the deadpool movie looks so good i have a feel deadpool is going to be in a spiderman an maybe X-Men movie.
@Queen35love I would LOVE to see Deadpool and Spider-man in a movie together! They're such a perfect duo. I really hope this movie does well and they decide to do a crossover. Do you read a lot of the comics?
@shannonl5 i do i have a lot of comic books an still buying more. i also have super hero toys. so yes. 馃憤
@Queen35love that's awesome! I really like the Joe Kelly Deadpool comics.