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One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to hike. If I'm going on a trip specifically to hike, I'll bring all my gear and be down to go! But sometimes, while on a work trip or family vacation, I don't want to bring all of my gear with me, which means that I can't always do the harder hikes I might want to.
So what do I do?
I search for hikes you can do with your kids! I don't have kids I'm taking with me, but if you're looking for a relaxing hike to do on vacation, these kind of hikes are ideal. They're definitely not challenging, but you'll still get to see a part of the place you're visiting you might otherwise miss out on.

The Great Wall!

If you have kids that are older or have stamina (or, you don't have kids but you don't have the skills to solo hike something more difficult), this is great! Basically, this family hired a hiking guide to take them hiking on the great wall in unrestored areas and had a blast! It looks like a great time, and doable for most people.

Hiking in Hong Kong

Check out this list above for great trails in Hong Kong. I never went hiking there, and now I regret it! Looks pretty simple to find, and amazing to enjoy. And, it has maps and tips for how to avoid the tourist high times. Yay!

Hiking Hawaii

Okay, so it's not exactly "abroad" but if you have a hankering to hike in Hawaii, but no hiking skills, you can handle these! He mentions in the intro 3 trails everyone pretty much does, but goes on to introduce 5 more out of the way trails in Oahu. Seems like I have some hiking to do!

Hiking in US Parks!

Ok, so again, not abroad, but the US is a big place and some of these areas are places you might be vacationing. From Colorado to Kentucky, you should be able to find somewhere near your next vacation, and do a hike that will match your skill level (and groups ability) even if you're in the US!

Oh, Canada!

This list focuses on toddler friendly hiking in Canada (either ones they can walk the whole thing, or ones that are short enough to carry them). So, you should be able to handle it, too! Personally going to recommend the Sunshine Meadows to Rock Isle Lake one! Looks so great.

Hiking in the Alps!

Alright, this is one you can do with any group, but the Children's Adventure Trail is definitely geared towards helping kids feel motivated to enjoy hiking at high altitude! Hiking in this area is great because there are a lot of trains to help you skip rigorous terrain if need be, so make sure to check i tout.
Well! That's it for now. I quickly realized how many great hiking trails there are around the world that are easy, so I might have to make a part 2. For now, I'm too tired! Enjoy!