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This is a veggie burger Combining my two loves, as in Excotic taste from the Middle east and more everyday simple Tasty Hamburger! You don’t even need to mess with making tzatziki sauce for a topping, unless you buy tzatziki(easier). Believe me, it turns into a foamy, watery, bowl of slop. Here's a much simpler solution: Whole milk or Greek yogurt + a little dill + cucumber + sprouts + and avocado! Then, Add in some GREEN! Yellow onion, coarsely choppedcarrot, choppeddried parsley. And Voila~ Details: 1.5c chickpeas 1/2c cooked quinoa 1/2c yellow onion, coarsely chopped 1/3c carrot, chopped 1/4c GF oat flour 1.5T garlic, chopped 1T + 1t dried parsley 1 1/4t cumin 1/4t + 1/8t coriander 1/4t red pepper flakes 1/2t salt 1/4t black pepper oil for the pan Toppings: whole milk yogurt, thinly sliced cucumber, sprouts, a few pinches of fresh dill, avocado, bun. - In a food processor, process the chopped garlic + onion for about 5-10 seconds. Scrape the bowl and pulse a few more times. - Add in the carrot and process for another 5-10 seconds. - Add in the chickpeas, parsley, cumin, coriander, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper and process again until well combined. You want some of the texture left in the beans. Do not puree. Refer to the first photo in the post for the correct consistency. - In a bowl, combine the chickpea mixture with the flour + quinoa and mix until combined. - Heat a large pan/griddle over medium heat and coat the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of oil. - Form the mixture into 6 medium sized burgers. It should hold together easily and still be quite moist. - Once the pan is hot, place a few veggie burgers in at a time. Avoid overcrowding the pan so your burgers are easier to flip. - Cook for about 4-6min, or until golden brown, then flip and cook another 4-6min. -Top however you choose.
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oh man im going to have to try this!! thanks for sharing!