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using an earth tone color palette to achieve the look.. source:
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me too, and plus, i have double lids but since i have a lot of fat on my eye, its looks like i have single lids.....just such a no no no when applying eye make-up....never look right...lolz
5 years ago·Reply
I have double lids too! Interesting how that works across the Asian spectrum. It doesn't look like it to me. You look great in makeup.
5 years ago·Reply
you know how ppl wing their eyes, well ive tried it and my lids are too small that you cant tell that i winged it.....kind of hard to describe, my eyes are too slanted or something...*sigh*....i just got day ill show you what i mean, lolz
5 years ago·Reply
Hahahaha, alright. I'll wait and see what you mean. You know yourself best, so I'm sure you've tried it all before.
5 years ago·Reply
oh yeeaahhhh!! my eyes are green I'm definitely going to try this!!!:-)
3 years ago·Reply