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Basic Smokey Eye Make Up Tutorial
using an earth tone color palette to achieve the look.. source: http://pinterest.com/pin/410812797228684684/
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me too, and plus, i have double lids but since i have a lot of fat on my eye, its looks like i have single lids.....just such a no no no when applying eye make-up....never look right...lolz
I have double lids too! Interesting how that works across the Asian spectrum. It doesn't look like it to me. You look great in makeup.
you know how ppl wing their eyes, well ive tried it and my lids are too small that you cant tell that i winged it.....kind of hard to describe, my eyes are too slanted or something...*sigh*....i just got issues....one day ill show you what i mean, lolz
Hahahaha, alright. I'll wait and see what you mean. You know yourself best, so I'm sure you've tried it all before.