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... Too accurately me. To be honest I knew this would be my song even before I took the quiz. Sighs. What song do you think you'll get?? Take the quiz at http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/08/pop-quiz-which-song-from-big-bangs-made-series-is-your-theme-song and comment your results!!!
@akiracondry the song is awesome poor daesung gets beat up though 😢😢
@akiracondry aww don't say that!!! that song is full of swagger like Damn and if that's how you feel you can always talk to us when you're feeling down!!! the kpop community is here as friends who will support you 😄
@skullbunneh yea... it's also my favorite song and although I don't like to admit it I spend more time on the what ifs... well today's a new day to try and change that!!!
Sober, love it! I was pretty accurate too - how others tend to think I'm a bit delusional, but really I'm just an idealist :)
@jiggzy19 ahahahah!! these are pretty accurate!! (but generalized at the same time)
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