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Park Bom Appreciation Post

I know I'm not the only one missing Bommie so much, even watching 2NE1's old videos and seeing happy and cute Bom is makes me tear up every time. At first I was a little grossed out by her appearence, but not too long after did she steal my heart. Although it is kind of weird to say another women stole my heart, I just can't explain it any other way. I wish I had someone like Bommie in my life, to make things seem really bright and happy all the time. I feel so bad that someone with a kind personalitly get's so much hate for ONE mistake.
Bom, like your lyrics, Even when the sky is falling down, we BLACKJACKS (new and old) will promise to never let you go! So please come home. we are all waiting with loving opened arms!!
Now enjoy some cute Bom eating and whatnot moments!! ^^
Yeah watching/listening to 2NE1 has become painful, just thinking what Bom is going through in her "reflection" period.... I miss her and 2NE1 so much.
i miss her too ♡ i can't wait till she comes back!
@DannyNeders i haven't watch 2ne1 tor 7-8 months when she was on roomate
yeah, if you watch some recent 2NE1 live performances, Bom isn't there but the girls always leave a space for her. @ninachan
oh my gosh :( @DannyNeders
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