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my sis tied a monkey on his was quite a sight to see and no, he was not happy but we just laughed any way...yes, we're bad...lolz
haha!! pity the little kiddo!! what unnie? you're bullying such a sweetie?
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yeah yeah yeah we got bored.....hahahaha!!!!!!! whats even more funny, i uploaded this pic to my instagram and a friend commented and said the monkey looks like he's humping Po maybe thats why he aint happy, hahahahah....
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lol so cute!!this is like pancun and james (the monkey and dog owned by a jap owner!)
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omg.. i didn't look at it that way.. now that i do.. i can't think otherwise! lol
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Awwwwww! Why are you so fluffy and adorable? This is a great shot of him. I love how he's just like, whatever.
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