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HELLO MONSTER / I REMEMBER YOU ep 13 BTS Seo In Guk - Park Bo Geum
Bromance!! 😍 OMG! They are so cute!! Aren't they???😘😘 Video credit to Team EngGuk
this is so cuuuute! ! I haven't gotten this far in the drama yet tho. XD
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Too adorable XD
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omo omo omo!!! my two baby SEO IN GUK AND NEW ACTOR PARK BO GEUM!!! *gasped* this got me liikkkee..... idk I'm dead... lol. this is too damn CUTE!! IF ONE of them did this to me... I would of faint already. lol. mhmm my goodness... I really don't mind eating off a spoon that oppa just put in his mouth. kekekekke LMFAO!!! :D #XOX #MUUAAH #LUUVVtheseTwoBAE <3
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super in love with this drama right now!
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