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Pull through braid is a fun way to spruce up your boring ponytail. I've seen other pull through braids styles before but this one caught my attention because it mixes in fishtail braid for a more grown-up look. At certain angle, the hairstyle depicts a faux-hawk but a prettier version. If you have long hair you should give it a try. Picture credit goes to Amanda Diedrich.
Back comb your hair and spray your hair with a texture spray.
Step 1:
Create a ponytail at the crown and right below it create another ponytail.
Step 2:
Taking the first ponytail, split it into two section. Then pull the second ponytail up through the first and clip that pony up (leaving hair from the fist ponytail down).
Step 3:
Using the hair from the first ponytail that is down, create another pony. Then repeat the the second step until you reach the neck.
Step 4:
Fishtail braid the remaining hair and secure it with elastic. Gently stretch the finsihed braid from bottom to top. Don't overdo it and if you need extra volume you can always stretch more later.
Don't forget to spritz holding spray to give it extra hold and shine.
This is super cute I wish my hair was that long
@jazziejazz That's the tricky part. It took me two tries to get the exact look!
I did this in two pig tails... nice but I have to work on the pulling apart braid part...
I wish I had the coordination and time for styles like this!
wow so cool looking v nice
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