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Japanese culture and fashion is really unique. Manga readers will understand. I was never into anime hair, harajuku or lolita style. But I came to like Mori girl style because it is wearable unlike lolita. So, I want to share a little about this style because I don't see it on Vingle. Mori is also known as forest girl. The style is earthy, natural and light. Many people who cosplay mori girl will try to have a porcelain complexion, light makeup, rosy or peach cheeks and natural lip color. For the hair, you will most likely see lots of flowers, braids, and curls.
Here are some examples.
Flowers on hair
Soft curls
Pick up a Japanese magazine and they'll always have a section that teaches you how to do your hair in a certain style. This one is a scan of mori girl hairstyle for short to long hair.
This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing!
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@jiggzy19 you're welcome. I just wanted to share something new!
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really natural and dainty-very nice
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