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I love the royal pirates, with all these come backs from other older groups, I would be so happy to hear something new from them.
I so miss them, are there any others out there that feel the same.
@JacquelineRexMy Haha don't worry I won't steal. I'll admire from afar. He definitely have a different vibe from all the kpop celebs I've seen. Also, thanks for the recommendations. Crawling out and mirotic are wonderful and I came across their cover "heaven" and it was done beautifully. I wish they had more fans!
I know thats why I wrote this they needed more love I hope I can get them a bigger following
oh no that's James my fav, I don't share, ha ha, I'm so glad you even listened to them, there good I just wish there was more, try crawling out, royal villain,mirotic. all good.
I never heard of this group! Thanks for bringing them up. I just heard "Drawing the Line" and it's refreshing! Who's the guy standing at the right from the picture picture? He's handsome!