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It's pretty obvious that fans of Sunggyu are different from fans of Hoya are different from fans of Myungsoo. Right!? So what kind of person loves your bias?!
Think of this as a horoscope, but instead of being born under a sign like Capricorn, you are born under the sign of T.O.P-fan. IS THAT TOO WEIRD?! MOVING ON.

Here's what to do:

1. Leave Your Ultimate Bias (just one, not 5, THE ONE BIAS TO END ALL BIASES) in the comment section below
2. Come back tomorrow when I will do a round up and tell you each what your bias says about you For example, if Hakyeon is your Ulti, you're probably fabulous
(I kid, I kid, I promise I'll be serious with my answers lol!)


See your type below!

Biases fall into multiple categories!

The Leader

You like to have people you can count on. No matter how goofy they are, at the end of the day you know that they'll come through for you and will be your back up in any fight. You're all about commitment.

The Maknae

You are forever young. You need someone to be there to have fun, be silly, and help relieve all your stress. You're all about having fun!

The 4D

Life is one big magical place for you and you are just along for the ride. You want to be surrounded by happiness, fun, games at all times and you need someone to be there with you. You're all about people making you happy, and making other people happy!

The Vocal

You might try to hide it but somewhere deep in your soul you're actually a pretty emotional person. You appreciate when people have a passion for something and you fall for people that have found that passion. You're all about finding the beauty in life!

The Rapper

Oh sure you think you're really tough, but you're actually a softy. You like to have fun but need time alone to think deeply about real issues. You're looking for someone who can keep up with your mood swings. You're all about finding that balance between serious and silly.

The Dancer

You have split personality disorder. Chances are you're the hyper one that no one takes that seriously, but then you get in your element and you change into a different person. You need someone who gets that, and that probably has the same personality.

The Actor

You need someone who is willing to make fun of themselves, to try to be something else, to be brave enough to show raw emotion. You love taking the time to really get to know someone, and you love it even more when someone takes the time to know you.

The Sleeper

You appreciate that other people need space, and chances are you need a lot of your own space too. You understand that actions speak louder than words when it comes to relationships.

The Eater

You appreciate the simple things in life. You don't need a lot to be happy, and you love people that think the same way.

The Mystery

You like figuring people out, but aren't very good at letting people in. You're cautious and no matter how outgoing you might seem, you keep a lot to yourself. You need someone who respects that, but challenges you to share.

The Mom/Dad

You like people who are not only there for you, but there for others. They're thoughtful, caring, and on top of things. You need someone who puts themselves second, always.
leo from vixx <3
CL is my bias ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
T.O.P duhh.
TOP! ❤️
JUNHYUNG no doubt no pause 😄
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