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You take a shower at least once a day (hopefully), but it probably doesn't occur to you how the water temperature is affecting your health. Do you prefer taking steaming hot showers? Maybe you enjoy a colder, refreshing shower to wash off the sticky feeling at the end of a day. Either way, it would be beneficial to test out the different temperatures if you're looking to increase certain health benefits.

Health benefits of a cold shower:

Increases alertness
Clears up the mind
Stimulates immune system
Reduces hair loss
Tightens the skin/pores
Prevents colds
Accelerates your metabolism
Stimulates anti-depression hormones

Health benefits of a hot shower:

Reduces anxiety
Removes toxins from the skin
Relaxes the muscles
Alleviates migraines
Opens pores and cleans the skin
Acts as a nasal decongestant
Lowers body tension
Reduces tension
I am a hot water kind of girl馃槈
Hot shower always. It feels relaxing.
What I have started doing is taking warm shower and then to tight pores I rinse under cool water before I get out.
I usually start with hot shower but then end with a cold shower
Oh that's awesome @TerrecaRiley!
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