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Emojis are basically a new language.

Each one has a specific purpose in your mobile world. Ever wonder what your favorite emoji says about your personality? Well...look no further than this card.

The Generic Smiley

You're generally a pretty happy person, but you don't like to go outside your comfort zone. You probably have a very specific life goal and I don't know, having kids or something.
The generic smiley is for basics, but can be used by everyone so I guess that's kind of cool. You may want to branch out a little bit because there are like...200 emojis to choose from. Live a little!

The Dancing Lady

You're a party animal! If we can't find you, you're probably at a club dancing with your buddies. Sometimes you get a little crazy and your friends have to reel you back in (we won't talk about that time you got so drunk you did all of NSYNC's dance moves...), but you're a good time and you don't let anyone tell you what to do.
Dance on.

The Wink-y Face

You like to start trouble, and you also probably don't know how to communicate through texts all that well. People tend to get their wires crossed when they're talking to you. Too many wink-y emojis and you can end up with a boyfriend you never knew you had.
The wink-y emoji implies a sense of IDGAF as well, so you do you wink-y person.

The Purple Devil

If your favorite emoji is the Purple Devil then...well you're the person everyone wants to hang out with, but can't keep up with. You are a bigger partier than the Dancing Lady and Wink-y Peeps.
You drink everyone under the table, party longer, harder and better...but sometimes your friends think you're a bit crazy, so just be aware of that.
Yo, no sympathy for the devil and all that...

The Dancing Bunny Twins

I really don't know what to call this...but if your favorite emoji is the Dancing BunnyTwins, then you're all about your squad. Or should I say; #squadgoals!!!!!!!
Whatever, your friends are really important to you. All of your instagram posts are with other people, save for the occasional, obligatory selfie.

The Plus Sign Guy

Nobody is really sure what this dude represents, and that's why you like him. He seems solemn, kind of reflective, a little sad. I'm not sure. He's a dude with a plus sign on his hat. He may be a city worker or some kind of religious dude, but you don't care.
Honestly, I don't know what kind of person this makes you. I'm still confused on what the emoji means. So're cool I guess?

The "Whatever F U" Girl

This is the sassiest of all emojis. She's apparently an "info desk" helper or something, but you don't care. To you, she's a direct representation of your soul.
Literally everything you text ends with this emoji, and people are like, "wow, you really mean business."
Congratulations for being the sassiest texter of all time.

The Easter Island Head

You are an enigma. Mysterious and intriguing, the Easter Island Head is your calling card.
"Hey what's up?"
Easter Island Head
"When are we going out?"
Easter Island Head
It's your perfect response to every text message, and even though you annoy people with it and send it too much, it's your favorite, so like...good for you?

The Bread Emoji

You're a troll. Literally, you send this thing too much. It is funny though, and when you go through your emoji options, for some weird reason it sticks out to you. The bread emoji is for the people who truly do not give an F.
You are fearless, bread emoji keep on keepin' on.

Tongue Sticking Out

You don't take anything too seriously. Laughter is your game and you think everything is a joke. You're probably regarded by your friends as a comedy genius, either way you love making fun of things and never take anything too seriously. You and whoever the hell picks the bread emoji would probably be great friends.
Suggested by: @jokes

Crying With Laughter

You're a jokester too! You tend to find a lot of joy in life, no matter how screwed up things get. Just like the person with the bread, you're an effing troll, but people love you for it. They will not despise you for your funny, they will try to emulate it. Those bread bastards are hated for their deeds. Not you though.
Suggested by: @danidee

What's your favorite emoji?

....didn't see your favorite? Leave a comment below and we'll add it to the card ;) happy texting!
I often use the one with the tongue stuck out
@jokes ... let me think about that one.
you left mine out-the cheery grin!
I use the crying with laughter one a lot. It's just how I feel 99% of the time.