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"Looking for love in all the wrong places" perfectly describes Bachelor in Paradise and it's incredible.

A group of twenty-something bachelors and bachelorettes go to a secluded island looking to find their soulmates. The drinks are flowing and the competition is fierce...what could go wrong?! So much.
Bachelor/Bachelorette fans already know and love this show because it has all the drama, tears and drunken confessions of the dating show, but seriously, EVERYONE should be watching this show!! I'll tell you why.

There's tons of tears

Everyone, meet Ashley I. During the first episode (only an hour long), she cried five times and fell in love with at least two different people. Bachelor in Paradise is an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved (including the viewers) and you'll find yourself feeling a little better about your love life after watching.

Everyone's drunk the whole time

Ah, Lacy. This contestant's failed attempt to understand ratios led her to say she was "80/40" about a guy. Nope, that just doesn't add up...... Bachelor in Paradise is full of quotable lines like this one that likely have to do with the amount of alcohol consumed and not the contestants' actual intelligence. Seriously, I dare you to find a scene where every contestant doesn't have a drink in hand, even at 9 in the morning.

Some contestants are REALLY weird

The second crazy Ashley on the show spent the first episode befriending birds on the island. She spent less time talking to guys and more time talking to parrots. Then she inexplicably wound in the hospital, which I'm 99% sure was a production move to get people to keep watching. Not a bad move, because once I see ambulance lights on a reality show, I'm totally hooked.

The whole show is totally fake

Like most reality shows, nothing about Bachelor in Paradise is actually reality. Last night, two contestants got married...come to find out that their wedding was not legally binding at all, in fact, it was just done to get viewers. Everything about Bachelor in Paradise is so obviously exaggerated just to draw people in, and it's awesome.
So if you like watching shameless flirting, drunken conversations and maybe a little romance, Bachelor in Paradise is your trashy summer reality TV show.

It usually leaves me saying "I can't believe this show exists, but I'm so glad it does."

This reminds me of another dating show I used to be OBSESSED with back in the day called Temptation Island. It was like dating/married couples that had to live on an island with a bunch of really, really, ridiculously good-looking people who would try to sway~ them from their s/o.
@danidee that sounds amazing and I need to watch it immediately. I would love to be in the meetings at TV studios like "yeah, yeah let's make a show where we try to get people to cheat on their s/o, yeah that'll be awesome" ...sounds like fun